Nagaizumi Hideaway Dining

The restaurant, Collina is like a secret hideaway of Nagaizumi.
When you climb Mt. Ashitaka from the city of Numazu, you will see the beautiful Western-style building "Wyndham Garden Nagaizumi" on the hillside. Collina is its main dining restaurant.
You can enjoy healthy Japanese and Western cuisine in the refreshing green scenery surrounded by the rich forest where deer, pheasants and hares live. Please enjoy having a casual lunch and a sophisticated dinner course with calm and relaxing space that is unique to the hotel.



  • The best seasonal dishes are selected with care.

    At Collina, we use fresh seafood such as sea bream and shrimp landed in Suruga Bay, and selected high-quality seasonal Japanese beef. The chef, Mr. Kitamura, who has over 30 years of refined French cooking skills will offer original Japanese and Western dishes.

  • At Collina, we offer Japanese and Western dishes to suit your taste, from morning to lunch set to dinner course. You can enjoy lush forest spreads outside from the window, and the beautiful scenery shows various faces over time. Even if you only come for the restaurant, we welcome you to enjoy a walk in the beautiful hotel garden.